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golden slipper orchid & taking courage from Van Gough

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Golden Slipper Orchid

Another of the interiors series. OK, I’ll stop saying that, of course it is. I’ve found a place that sells interiors stuff; furniture, lamps etc. that’s in an old building and it’s my little treasure trove of compositions. The other day I was happy snapping away when I got a call and sat down to take it. This composition was directly in front of me. Perfect!

Golden Slipper Orchid – 24x24inches oil on streched canvas.

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source: Lydia Diaz  

taking courage from Van Gough

I’m off  up to Belfast, with the girls this afternoon to deliver some paintings . Tell you more about that anon (as my mother would say). In the meantime what with the IMF an’ all in town we’re coping as best as we can. It seems that folks are keeping their sense of humor – they had fake announcements on the radio yesterday saying “the IMF are in town – don’t dress fancy & look busy!” but there’s also a deep sense of shame and anger. So I’m taking a big leaf out of Van Gough’s book and keeping my courage. Imagine starting out selling original art in this environment, but hey, here we go! 

By the way have you noticed that I’ve reversed the info about the painting so it comes first? Is it any better that way?


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