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flowers for mother & working like a hound dog

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working like a hound dog

This week I’ve been working like a hound dog (well, not like my hound who could sleep all day on her bed on the heated floor) but like a hound who works hard… all day!

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Anyway, I’ve been working on a series of larger paintings which is all very exciting but although I’m working larger I have been trying to complete the same number of paintings that I would in an average week. This means an increase in actual hours painting and I have to say I’m pretty knackered.

But it’s not the time that is the thing that exhausts me it’s the head stuff. With each painting, at each stage, one is trying to create or achieve something and at every stage there is the potential for it to go well or not. I’m constantly holding my breath and making a choice to do this or that or the other, which might make the painting but maybe ruin it.

I imagine that this is common to not just art but to many things. The tension is most acute when I’m working on new ideas, things that I am trying out. I guess it’s a case of “feel the fear and do it anyway” right?

flowers for mother

This is one of my favourites from the new series. 24x 24inches oil on streched canvas


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