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fire and stone & we were promised a hurricane

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we were promised a hurricane

OK, so first of all apologises to those of you who have to suffer the effects of real grown up hurricanes. Over here, we get storms but no hurricanes as such. So it was with some excitement that we were told that a huricane was coming to town!

This one was the kind that’s like a major A list celebrity that has sunk to the D list, having lost almost all it’s power crossing the Atlantic. Even so, we were informed that this hurricane would be propped up by a high tide and low pressure so that it might perform with something of it’s past glory.

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Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t wishing the destruction of a hurricane on us, but I have to admit there was a little part of me (the part that sometimes wants to laugh at bad news) that was just a bit disappointed. Don’t think badly of me!

fire and stone

On our recent quick trip to London the girls and I ate in a very cool and surprisingly child friendly restaurant called Fire and Stone in Convent Garden. I loved the lighting and snapped a photo of the condiments as we were leaving. My kids are used to this kind of behaviour from me by now but I did notice a look from our waiter.

fire and stone 8×8 inch oil on canvas bord

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