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shabby chic & my computer’s swan song

my computer’s swan song

Yes, it’s happened to me. My computer has died! We all hear the oracles of doom who warn us to prepare for this possibility and most of us ignore them.

But I think I’ll be ok. (famous last words right?) I back up online and to an external hard drive and I my IT guy came last night and thinks that he can retrieve the hard drive. He took it off with him to the computer hospital in his house to see what can be done. (I waved goodbye from the front step and was a little tearful)

In the meantime I am on the kids laptop and struggling with net nanny everytime I want to respond to a comment on facebook!

Shabby Chic

Unfortunately I don’t own this comfy armchair. Just as well, cause I fell in love with it and would probably have to be prised out of it with a crowbar. The painting is 10 x 10 inches so it’s a little bigger that my usual daily paintings.

Shabby Chic 10x10inch oil on canvas bord

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  • sorry to hear about your computer, mine died a couple of months back and it took me ages to reload all my stuff onto the new one, lost a lot of pics too. Hope you will get everything sorted soon.

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