husband #1 & a visual pick me up

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A visual pick me up

I’m posting early this morning as I have a day/weekend ahead that may just kill me! It seems weekends have gotten so busy of late. Rob is away this weekend and I have about sixteen 8yr olds coming for a birthday party along with all the other stuff going on. It’s all good, but I think a few quieter weekends may be needed to recaharge the batteries.

Here’s a little thing that cheers me up everytime I pass it. It’s a dress that my eight year old made last year in school.

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Isn’t that gorgeous?

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Sometimes it’s the simplist little things that can brighten your day!

Husband #1

Yes I know what you’re going to say. “He’s your only one”. Well yes that’s true (so far :-0). Of course the number refers to the portrait not the husband. Rob is very pleased with his portrait by the way. He thinks he looks very handsome in a James Bond kinda way!

This is my second portrait and I’m really enjoying doing them. I’ve started taking simple photos on my iphone to work from. So watch out if I meet you, you’ve been warned!

Husband #1 8×8 inch oil on gesso bord


  • Hi Roisin. I just got back from England to see family and here you are mastering portraits. I am going to have to paint more portraits, you make it seem so easy. I think I will pick up my brush and paint my hubby too. Not sure if I can make him look like James Bond though!
    The dress is darling. She has her mums talent.

    • Hi Pat, welcome back. Yes very fired up about doing some portraits. Just working on one now, but wow they can be hard work. I just lasped into using a tiny brush but caught myself before I did too much damage (I think!). Give it a try it’s great fun. Look at Karin Juricks faces series she’s fab.

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