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apple candy & laptop acrobatics

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laptop acrobatics

Still limping along on the computer front. I’m using my daughters’ laptop as a stop gap and really not enjoying the experience. How do you laptop people cope with these fiddly little mouse pads and cramped keyboards. My shoulders get all in a knot. Not for me..

Anyway, a new computer has to be purchased (gulp) but the gift/lend of an older computer for a few months will mean that I can save a little more for a Mac. I fully expect that the Mac users mafia will want me to go through some kind of initiation ceremony. There may also be some kind of test. You know, Am I cool enough? Will I be suitably condescending to non Mac users? Will I wear a shoulder strap across my chest? 

apple candy

Last night I set up a still life on the kitchen counter. Very different lighting than what I use usually. This is the first of a few paintings, large and small using this set up.

Apple Candy 8×8 inch oil on canvas bord

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  • Oh, you’re going to love, love, LOVE your MAC! I never knew anyone who went back to a PC afterwards. You’ll click and drag anything anywhere. Its a must for creative people…

    Nice apples. (Bet you hear that all the time.)

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