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after the picnic & it’s NOT even christmas yet!

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it’s NOT even Christmas yet!

So, like you I’m sure, I have come to terms with Christmas decorations in shops by Halloween. It’s not pretty but it seems that’s the way it is.

Some people do buy stuff early, I don’t know who they are but if you are one of them, please don’t, it only encourages them. 

Still, it’s only October 9th!  (or was when I took this picture on my phone) Halloween isn’t until the end of the month!

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OK so they are incredibly tacky Christmas angels “so what” I here you say “nobody died!” Yes, I agree, their exsistance for sale is disturbing but not really that much of a supprise. The really scary thing is 


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Sorry for shouting, but come on, what’s the story! I mean they didn’t even wait for Christmas to happen. They just went straight to the sale! What is going on? I appreciate things going on sale early, I can even understand Christmas sales starting a day or two before Christmas day but a Christmas sale on October 9th!

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Having said that, it does give some hope for humanity that they knew no one would pay €69.99 for one of those styrofoam angels!

Think I’m being judgemental? What’s the tackiest Christmas decoration you ever owned? I’ve had a few that I wouldn’t like the style counsel to have seen!

after the picnic

I lost lots of reference photos from my phone recently and this morning although it was cold there was a gorgeous bright low sunshine so Maggie and I took a walk and took some more photos. I’m looking forward to painting some more of these woodland landscapes from our walks around Wicklow.

After the picnic 7×7 inch oil on gesso bord


  • Hello Rosie – how i agree – and even heard some xmas music in one garden centre! I wanted to stamp and have an almighty roll about tantrum when there.
    But your painting is the opposite – delightful – love the direct brushstrokes and colour choices.

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