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daughter #1 & portrait preschool

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portrait preschool

I’ve been following Karin Jurick’s art blog for some time. She’s a great painter but what has really been lighting my fire of late is her portraits. She’s working her way through 100 portraits or faces (she’s on #24 now) interspersed with other subject matter.  Her gorgeous use of colour, and painterly approach have been really inspiring me. So I thought, how hard can it be? (derisory laugh!) Lets have a go. So this is my very first portrait (even had to create a new category)

daughter #1

Actually this is my youngest daughter but let’s not quibble over the details. I would have reached for a square bord here but I’m trying to quit the habit. Also the ground was yellow and has made everything a bit too yellow. That said for a first effort I’m happy by and large.

Daughter #1 8×6 oil on gesso bord


  • wow your first portrait, well done, they ain’t easy!

    I have been following Karin too and have seen her work in person in a gallery in Kirkland, Washington and her paintings were even better seen up close. Photos can never reproduce a painting as in real life, they were awesome.

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