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waiting on the last bus & my state of confusion

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My state of confusion

“You don’t understand, Mr. Genn,” said a tall, acerbic gentleman who rustled a chocolate wrapper as he spoke. He had the full attention of the auditorium. “Art is not about light and shade any more, or drawing, or composition, or little pictures of landscapes. That’s dead,” he said. “Art is now about shock and awe and protest and making a statement. 

A another guy said, “It’s bull shit.” He said it just loud enough for everyone to hear. Scattered laughter rippled. “But is it art?” asked a girl in a yellow frock.

“The world of art,” I said, “is big enough for all flags to fly. Andy Warhol said, ‘Art is anything you can get away with.'” The acerbic gentleman stood to his feet. This was good, I thought. It would be nice to give him the last word on the subject. “What you are encouraging these people to do,” he said, “is to get away with making crap.” I’m sure there were some people who had to agree.

(Another point of view) So much of the art that many of us like to make is “skilled” (for lack of a better word) art. For most, it’s difficult to do. Sure it can be done, but it’s difficult to do well. Skilled art may take a few years of private effort, studentship, technique development and maybe even apprenticeship. Shock and awe art takes imagination and courage.

This is an extract from Robert Genn’s twice weekly letter you can check out his website here. Interesting eh?

waiting on the last bus

This is my local Bray Station at night. I am just surfacing from re-doing the office. It was a once in ten years kind of job. I reduced the “stuff” in here by two thirds and I actually feel like I’ve lost a few pounds myself. ( I wish) But it is a kind of weight off the back of my mind, if you know what I mean. I don’t even need the new shelves I bought yesterday! I now have lots of room!

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