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red bus to lahinch & glad to see the back of them?

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glad to see the back of them?

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Well kinda. Today was the first day back to school. It’s been a fun summer but it’s been a long one. I’m working as many hours as I ever did as an employee but the difference this summer is that they were around me while I did it. That has obvious advantages but I’m more ready than ever to get some time and routine back into my life.

Advantages like

  • more pyjama time
  • spontanious picnics/outings
  • no expensive childcare
  • more free play time for the kids

Disadvantages like

  • less head space for me
  • less head space for me
  • less head space for me

red bus to lahinch

No Idea where this little bus was coming from on such a small road but it was travelling in the direction of Lahinch.

Red bus to Lahinch 7×7 inch oil on gesso bord


  • I love the photo of your girls, Roisin. I had the same scene at our home last week, and I was sad to see them go, (although I have so much more time in my day now). Love the “head space” phrase; here it generally means the space above your head, as in a car or plane–more either way is always a good thing!

    • I love finding those language differences! Enjoy the extra time in the day. I was so glad to see them off but then missed them two days after they had gone back!Your last painting inspired me to get out and take some reference photos at a nearby public garden (while we still have some sun!) It reminded me of the many nooks and crannys and endless possibilities for painting in places like that.

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