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lahinch golf course & shakin’ that ass

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shakin’ that ass

So I think I mentioned that this summer I’ve been  minding dogs by way of earning a little extra. Less work than students for not a lot less money. Works for me! And we love dogs so it’s hardly like a job.

Maggie, our own dog has really been no help whatsoever in preparing us for having a “real dog” in the house for what will be five weeks altogether. First of all she’s very calm. Case in point –

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Maggie gives us a welcome when we’ve been out but if I leave the kitchen for a moment she might deign to open an eye on my return but really that’s about it. With Connie I get a full scale wagging the whole body, licky welcome, possibily with two paws off the floor in a kind of extravagant paw gesture. Which is sweet but like, I only went to the loo!

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And then there’s the hair! I mean we’re talking tumble weed drifts of molted hair here. My aunt and uncle popped in for a visit (and I hadn’t hoovered). As we sat at the kitchen table, with the doors open in the sun, the air was full of gently floating dog hair. Lovely! I know you think I’m exagerating but really I’m not look.

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I won’t even go into the difference in the amount of stuff that comes out of the back of a big dog vs a lurcher. It would be indelicate to mention but lets just say shovles are involved!

When it comes down to it, this is the reality of having a big dog. Although Maggie is taller than a lab, she’s so slim that she dosen’t really count on that front. And Connie, (Rob calls her our Renault Megane because she’s always “shakin that ass” and not just her tail) is a big dog.

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OK, OK, I know…. how could you not love that face? 

lahinch golf course

Anyone who knows Lahinch will know this ruin that stands near Liscannor bridge on the Lahinch Golf Course. It stands proud of the landscape and is often backlit by the setting sun.  Lovely as it is, I almost got killed taking reference photos. It’s a tight bit of road and a big tractor came by at speed (they can do that now!) I was almost hung from the barbed wire fence in my effort to get in out of the way.

Lahinch golf course 7×7 inch oil on gesso bord

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