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Shut up and make art

I had this idea that once the Killarney Show was over and the summer was here that the level of craziness in my life would settle down. Will I ever learn? A. will I ever learn to stop taking on too much and B. will I ever learn to stop being surprised when I go ahead and do it anyway. 

So, this week I’m actively choosing to do this and this and this, but not everything else. And everything else will have to wait. If some of the plates crash spectacularly, so be it. (I’m that brave!) I probably didn’t need to keep those plates spinning anyway.

I will however be spending time every day to paint. My cup is running over with ideas for paintings. I’m actually dreaming about colour and texture! 

Here’s a cool blog post from Daniel Sroka that helped me focus.

Shut up and make art

March 11, 2010  :  

Every once and a while I need to remind myself of something important. That the primary job of an artist is ….to create art. It’s not marketing, social networking, nor applying for shows. My job is to sit in that studio, and sweating out new works of art, again and again and again.

I know, sounds obvious, right? But with all of the entrepreneurial responsibilities that come with being an artist, it can be easy to forget. You find yourself spending so much time trying to promote your work, gain some sort of recognition, and God willing, sell a few pieces, that you forget that if you don’t make the art, you won’t have anything to sell.

So I’m trying to kick myself in the pants, and get my productivity back on track. Even though the wedding ketubahseason is quickly ramping up, I need to carve out a set amount of time each day to turn off the email and Twitter, turn on the music, and create. Or at least try to create. Already this week I have spent every morning in the studio, working on new pieces. But now I need to buckle down, and keep this up. Care to join me?


  • Loving this painting, and the “kick in the pants” talk, too. Funny how those words rung so true with me today. In the midst of kids and summer, it’s been harder than I thought to just kick back and paint.

    • Hi Julie,

      Yep the kids throw everything out of whack. It should be easier this time of year but it’s not is it?

      I’d like to do some more landscape work this summer and your emails have been inspiring me of late to get out and take more photos to paint (can’t quite reach your committment to plen air as yet!).

      Best wishes


  • I love this painting, I love Powerscourt. You captured it beautifully. The last time I was there, my friend and old college mate and I went looking for mushrooms (it’s a French thing) that we had for dinner.

    • I guess so Collette. If I did that I’d probably end up with the funny kind! Powerscourt’s a magical place isn’t it.

  • Great painting Ró, a conjurers trick of paint, a magical illusion.

    And I listened to Edward B Gordon in your little video booth and it was very interesting.It struck me that if he had substituted the word’ poem’ for’ painting’, it still would make perfect sense.His way of painting is how I ( Try to) write.

    • Hi Vic, Yep Sap Green it is. I think it’s one of the more natural greens for landscapes. What do you use?

  • Thank you very much Roisin for that quick reply, brilliant. I have been making up my greens with Ultra` + Cad` Y` or for cooler greens Lemon Y`. for darks I have been using Ultra`+ Cad` Y` + Viridian. I don`t particularly like Viridian so I shale start using Sap`. I think that is a gorgeouse Green. Thank you Roisin and all the best to you and your Art.

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