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powerscourt bog meadow & cool new techie gadgets

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cool new techie gadgets

You may notice three new gadgets today. The first is a little “like” button below the post. If you feel so inclined, you can click the like button ( a bit like on facebook). It doesn’t go anywhere, or join you up for anything, it just is what it is.

The second little thing is a related posts section below each post. The idea is that it selects similar or related paintings to the one in the post you’re reading and points them out. It is just a handy little way of viewing other paintings easily. (actually it’s not working yet and the kids and the odgs are in the car waiting and I have to go visit my auntie…life eh! I sort it shortly)

Finally the last little thing is that I’m adding a bit of music to the sidebar everytime I post.  I don’t like automatically being forced to listen to other peoples music when I open a web page so you will need to “opt in” by clicking on the box below the title “soundtrack to my life…well OK to today anyway”.

Powerscourt bog meadow

I am head, tooth and claws into a series of paintings mostly small and so far, one big, of this kind of scene up at powerscourt. I’m loving the deep contrast in values and actually I think I’m having a bit of a eureka moment on the value front. I have done a number of landscapes that are frankly a bit blahh. And in doing these I realised the problem was that the values were all too similar. So I will redo and see how we get on.

powerscourt bog meadow 7×7 inch oil on gesso bord


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