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the pink chair & death con 3!

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We’re moving to death con 3!

So the parents in law are en route to visit for the preview tomorrow night. Operation “clean the house before granny gets here” is in full swing. Great excuse really and I’m actually very touched that they want to come and blessed cause they’ll be a great help.

The invites are pretty much out for the previews of Saturday night and Wednesday morning and I’ve been painting ahead the last few days so I’ll be able to relax and enjoy the weekend.

Unscheduled training for the mini marathon

I’m also doing the 10km mini marathon on Monday to support my pal Gráinne who is fundraising for the charity Across in Ireland. We will be running it at a walking pace as our training regime has suffered due to shows (me) and exams (Gráinne). (who am I kidding, it’s not like we would otherwise have been sprinting it) I did however get some impromptu training yesterday morning.

[singlepic id=372 w=500 h=400 float=]

I was up the egyptians belly – the back way up a local hill called bray head. It was a moment of pure tranquility before an otherwise hectic day. Over looking the drop to the sea and the view of the mountains. Then my phone reminded me that I was supposed to be at an appointment in 40 minutes! Too much to ask I suppose for it have reminded me 25 minutes before – at the bottom of the hill!

Anyway, I stood at the top for minute and did the maths – walk back down the hill (20mins), changing time (how long is a piece of string) & drive time (15mins) vs cost of lthe missed appointment, hassle getting another, etc.

There was noting for it but to run!

Can I just say, with the benefit of hindsight, that was not a good idea! I am crippled today and can’t climb the stairs without ropes!

the pink chair

I have managed to get a little ahead on a few paintings and this is the first of a few I did yesterday and the day before. I promise you I’m not planning to paint a chair in every colour of the rainbow it’s just the way this series has gone. I love the jewel colours in this one.

the pink chair 7×7 inch oil on gesso bord


  • Love the pink chair. Aggressive brushwork and cool colors. Good luck with the show and in laws. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photo from your walk/sprint. Ireland is on the top of my “places to see” list.

  • Love this pink chair! For whatever reason paintings of chairs speak to me and this one is full of energetic brush strokes and lively color.

    Good luck with your show! Thanks for sharing the photo. Ireland is beautiful and I hope to make it there one day! :-)

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