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strawberry saucer & portfolio careers

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Portfolio careers

What am I talking about? The first time I heard the term was about a year ago. It’s where your income comes from more than one source. So, for instance:  feedlance work, part-time or contract work, teaching  – anything that brought together can bring in an income and provide you with your needs.

For me it’s part choice and part necessity (isn’t it always). My art won’t put the bacon on the table just yet so for now I am supplementing my income by giving workshops on building websites/blogs and taking in foreign students. Oh and the odd extra dog (almost as lucrative as the students and a whole lot less grief) .

Many artists and artisans choose this approach as it gives them the freedom to work creatively and flexibly and helps to bring in enough income to keep the wolves from the door. So there you are, I for one, am committed to a portfolio career for the foreseeable future. Catch me if you can!

strawberry saucer

more wexford strawberries, I’m keeping the guy on the stall at the end our road afloat!

strawberry saucer 7×7 oil on gesso bord


  • Love the art work! Made me feel quite hungry! Also most interested in your comments about portfolio careers and artists.I am somewhat biased as I have just written a book on portfolio careers, “And What Do You Do?: 10 Steps to Creating a Portfolio Career”, A&C Black. What my co-author, Katie Ledger and I have found from interviewing a large selection of portfolio workers is that hardly any would even consider returning to what I call a single track career. They actually report feeling more secure in a recession as they are not reliant on only one job. Attitudes towards this growing phenomenon amongst employers are proving fascinating. Even the CBI in a recent report say that our concepts of work and employment are going to have to change with organisations relying more on a small core workforce supplemented by an army of temporary or project workers. Portfolio workers typically are self motivated, self starters and reliable. They have to be as they will not survive unless they are excellent time managers and organisers. They will be increasingly attractive as employees. We are just beginning a programme of interviewing a wide range of employers to check out their attitudes to this growing group of workers. We reckon that there are already over a million of us. Yes – we are portfolio workers too! Follow our project on

    • Hi Amelie, How was your week off? I’m sure it was great to spend time with your brother. I was sorry to miss you when I was down last week.
      Are you all ready for your show? Lets hope for lots of buyers in Killarney this summer eh?

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