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Purdy & off to Kerry nursing wounded hearts

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Ok so those of you who know that my first solo show opened in Kerry yesterday will be expecting me to be all excitement and butterflies, and of course I am, but I’m afraid that we are somewhat of a wounded family this morning as Purdy, our gray cat, was knocked down by a car yesterday and killed.

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I am constantly reminded that generally people are good. Case in point, a lady driving by saw Purdy dead on the road and thought that it would be awful to see her mushed. So she stopped her car and lifted her body from the road, took my number from her collar and called me. Most people would have driven by (me too probably) and most would not have wanted to touch a just-dead cat even if she looked OK. But she was thinking of the owners – us. What unasked for, without – strings, kindness is that

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Here she is as a kitten. You can see that she had Rob in the palm of her hand and not the other way around from day one.

So we’re off to Kerry with heavy hearts this morning. The kids are still very upset. I know that these experiences are  part of the whole learning about life and death, of loving and grieving. I know I wept for many a dead cat or dog as a child but I’m sorry for the kids and for Rob and for me. We’ll be fine (of course) but hey it’s sad right? 

We’ll be down in Kerry for a long weekend and I will try to post on Monday if I can find an Internet cafe near by. Otherwise see ya all on Tuesday. I’ll take lots of photos of the show and the gallery and show you then. In the meantime the Killarney Art Gallery’s website is now live, so you can check the show out online.


There must be twenty paintings inspired by her so we’ll certainly keep some of those to remind us of her. As it happens, I did this one a day or so before she died.

Purdy 7×7 inch oil on gesso bord


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