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distant rain & waiting for my mojo

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waiting for my mojo

well it’s back to the business of creating today!  The show doesn’t open yet for another week or so but my direct involvement is over and it’s back to working away on my own work as well as on other projects that have had to take a back seat for a few weeks.

This morning I sat down with a cup of tea to write a to do list for the next six months and as usual scared the bejesus out of myself. There’s so much to do it’s scary. But it’s also really exciting.

I was reading Carol Marine‘s blog yesterday and she was talking about how when she has a break from painting she’s never very happy until she settles back into her stride and that usually takes a few days. I felt that today. It usually takes a day or two for my mojo to return but I know it will. I just need to wait and to paint while I wait.

Two Austrian students arrive in our house today for a week – (part of my burgeoning portfolio career). A first for us but looking forward to the extended family for the week.

Distant rain 

Distant rain 10x10inch oil on canvas


  • I just returned from a week in New York City and haven’t been to the studio yet. I’m anxious to paint, but like you, I know it will take a few days to get back in the groove!

    Your painting is wonderful! Doesn’t look like you are having problems with your mojo!! Well done!

  • Good luck with your exhibition! Its so exciting!

    Hope your artists visitors are inspiring. I like your idea of portfolio career. We all do what we must!

    Hope your show sales are many and I can’t wait to see what you brought! The suspense is killing me…

    • Hu Susan,

      Yes it’s all very exciting. How is you’re colatborative week going? I hope to see more of the shared subject work.

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