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wolverine landscape & maggie’s secret revealed

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Maggie’s secret revealed

The last bit of filming Maggie’s story was finished yesterday. The results show! The girls and me (that’s Aoife, Bethan and Maggie) were filmed receiving the results of a genetic test to determine what breeds Maggie had in her make up. They asked us to guess – we offered Greyhound (of course! No comments please!) and yes there is greyhound but surprisingly only 25% of the total genetic make up.

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The tension was high and after the customary long paws (!!) he revealed the test result.  50% Saluki.

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Well you could have knocked us down with a feather, no really! It was nothing we could have guessed. Saluki are quite the exotic creature from the middle east. They were the dogs of the Aristocracy (are you listening Dave and Sam I said aristocracy!!!)  How one of those creatures ending up sluming it with a half breed greyhound… well that’s anyone’s guess. Anyway the whole thing has been great craic. They don’t know when the show will air. Possibly Wednesday the 9th of June but maybe not till next series. I’ll give you the heads up if they let us know.

Wolverine Landscape

Back to the art eh! This is the second in this series of abstacts that have developed into lanscapes but who’s inspiration came from a wolf’s kill. Pleasant eh. I like this one.

Wolverine Landscape 7×7 oil on gesso bord


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