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turquoise chair & off to the city

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It’s another busy day (that has flown by) and we’re off into the city to see my Mum perform in the Blow the dust off your trumpet orchestra in a little while. 

By the way welcome to Terresa who has just stumbled upon my blog. She’s a poet and Mum with a unique and stylish view of the world. I love her blog . 

I am coveting the little Twitter icon she has on her blog – I’m not active on twitter but I might just get on it just so I might be able to use that icon  – I little obsessive? Ok must remember those filters!

Anyway,  Check it out if you have a minute. 

Turquoise Chair

Another in the current series of chairs. The photo came out quite dull so I will try to retake it later. Turquoise Chair. 7×7 inch oil on gesso bord


  • Thanks for the shout out! You are a dear heart.

    I found the Twitter icon via Google images. You’re welcome to borrow it if you like.

    Glad you enjoyed my blog. Stop by and share a chocolate chip waffle anytime. :)

    PS: Could I post some of your art on my blog at some future point? Linking back to you, of course! Let me know. Love your style.


    • Hi Terresa,

      You’re so welcome. Yes do post my art, I’d love that. and I will hunt down that twitter icon. I have resisted the ol’ twitter thang as I’m all website, linkedin and facebooked out these days. There’s only so acessable a busy girl can be! But It’s all around me so I wil have to engage at some point.
      I see you were driving the poetry bus a while back. Love it.

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