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The chair, the witch and the wardrobe & Murphy’s Law

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Murphy’s Law

If you’re reading this in Ireland you’ll certainly be familiar with Murphy’s Law but you may know it anyway – loosly paraphrased as “what ever can go wrong will go wrong”.  If you are within six degrees of separation from me or anyone in my family you will already know of Maggie’s international debut on the telly tonight at 7.30pm.

So when does our sky dish decide to give up the ghost!!!!!  I’m not kidding, you couldn’t make it up.

Of course we can watch it on the pc on their play back feature but I have been informed by my kids that this is not an option for tonight. So, if any friends are reading, you may just find me, Rob, two kids and Maggie (of course) on your doorstep just after tea. And if you’re watching and can tape it, please let me know. 

The Chair, the Witch and the Wardrobe

OK, maybe the witch is in the wardrobe? I don’t know but the wardrobe in question is old and just might hold secrets. I think I’m drawn to paintings that show quite scenes, frozen moments in time.

The chair, the witch and the wardrobe 8×8 inch oil on gesso bord

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