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spring spoon & you’re not paranoid if your computer is actually out to get you

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spring spoon 8×8 inch oil on gesso bord

Have you ever had one of those days when you thought you would pick up your keybord and happily chuck it into the computer screen? What do you do when your computer acts like it wants to turn you insane?

I had more of those moments than usual while I was building this website and still do from time to time. So here’s some tips for keeping your computer mental health in shape.

Take a deep breath and take a break

Don’t kick the dog, just get a coffee or walk around the garden/block. It always helps and you just may be able to see the wood from the trees when you get back to it.

Keep your PC in good shape

Keep it updated, use a good anti-virus program, keep it clean and dust free and back up regularly. And back up regularily – worth repeating! You could also use a local PC company to give it an overhaul every now and then. They can clean up your hard drive, speed it up and circumvent problems from happening in the future.

Network for help

Ask a friend. Many of you who blog will use blogger. Use the blogger network to help out fellow bloggers with their problems and they will do the same for you in your time of need. Do you know someone who’s a whiz on the computer or knows more than you do? Is there something you can do for them? Try bartering for help.

Use the forums

Someone will undoubtedly have had the same problem as you before. You could try these worpress, blogger, general

Find help online

Google the error message or the problem itself. Try looking for a tutorial on you tube that shows you how to do the thing you’re trying to do. You might be able to find a solution and if not, you may be able to learn more about the issue to help figure it out yourself.

Pay the man

If you’ve tried everything else and still can’t solve the problem you can pay a techie to help. When I was really stuck on a wordpress problem (I had already asked all my contacts, used the forums and the Internet ) I paid a techie expert online, to help me. We agreed on a quote for the work before they took it on and they sorted it out in a day. Done! Sorted! The best money I spent in a long time as I saved myself hours and hours of more torment.


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