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one, two, skip a few & brush stroke counting exercise

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I’ve discovered that I can’t count and concentrate at the same time. Granted, this may come as no surprise to some of you! The idea is that counting each brush stroke makes us consider every stroke we make and strips the painting down to the bare elements. It helps to loosen us up too and certainly stops me from charging down the over working path.

Carol Marine talked about doing this excerise with her students in her post today and although I’m familiar with the exercise I hadn’t done it myself.  So off I went. I found I had to paint an area and then count the strokes otherwise I got completely tied up in a knot. It also helped to use a fairly large brush.

And here’s how it should be done. This is a really interesting demo from artist Larry Seiller where he counts his brush strokes.


And in case your wondering it took me just over 130 strokes.

One, Two, Skip a few 8×8 inch oil on gesso bord

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