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breakfast for Dad & varish everywhere

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Varnish everywhere

25 paintings, 16inch or 20 inch square, all varnished! I have never been the tidiest of workers so needless to say there’s varnish everywhere. On my fingers, on the table (yes I did put paper down & did it outside, but still..) even on the Dog – don’t know how that happened and I’m not taking any responsibility for it either.  Anyway that’s it. The framer comes today or tomorrow and it’s hard to describe how I’m feeling about it. Lets just say relieved, delighted, apprehensive…all of the above.

Breakfast for Dad

A very quick study of delph. By the way I have just realised that the small daily paintings I’ve been doing have all been 7×7 inch not 8×8 inch. I’ll have to go back over all the posts and correct that. Opps!

Breakfast for Dad. 7×7 inch oil on gesso bord.


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