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wicklow bracken

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So this little painting is part of a series of abstract landscapes that I’ve been playing around with. I don’t know if bracken (a kind of fern that goes a red/brown in the autumn) is something particular to this part of the world or if you get it everywhere but we have a lot of it on the moors and the mountains here in the autumn.

 wicklow bracken – 7×3.5inch oil on gesso board

Meanwhile, this is what I’m dealing with!

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Do any of you have kids for whom the phrase “money dosen’t grow on trees” holds no meaning at all. She wasn’t even being ironic for pete’s sake!


  • I thought it said Monet. Maybe she’s just trying to inspire you during this crucial time of heavy painting… (or did you post the note?)

    You can remind her that if the painting doesn’t get done, the money will never happen.

    There are dark rain clouds in your abstract. Hope the sun shines on you soon!

  • I met an old man who’d been a professional artist for the publishing industry. He became a fern freak and illustrated one of the few books on ferns. I had the pleasure of walking through the woods trying to learn fern identification from him one day (I did try). I remember him telling me that Bracken, which reproduces by putting shoots out underground, is so common that people claim that there is actually only one Bracken plant, but it’s connected all over the world.
    I’ll go give mine a little tug, and you can tell me if yours wiggles!

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