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Henrietta and Jemima – and Maggie’s swan dance

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These two were down at the local harbour and seem to mostly hang out with a large group of swans. One is a Canadian goose and the other a more commoner gardener goose.

Maggie’s swan dance

I took some photos of the swans and geese a little while back which I used as a reference today but I was down at the harbour the other evening walking with a friend and my dog Maggie. Maggie is very well behaved and although she would come back when I call her, I always put her on the lead when we are near the harbour. (see I’m a responsible person really!)  However… the other night I stopped at my car to get something and when my friend called her she sauntered off down to the water where the swans were. Then she taught “hey these guys look like fun”.

Maggie began sweeping runs up the beach raising the swans before her. 10 minutes later after much calling to come back (clearly not gona do that), me shouting in a cross voice (complete waste of time), and much embarrassment (that woman can’t control her dog), she finally came back and sat for me. At which point a lady thought it would be helpful to shout down the beach at me to “put that hound on a lead” (ya think!). Anyway the swans survived and I high tailed it (sorry) out of there with my head down muttering apologies as I went.

Henrietta and Jemima. 8×8 inch oil on gesso

If you’re reading this in Ireland enjoy the bank holiday. If not,  enjoy the weekend.

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